Sinister Militia Ep
Label ©  Social Registry
Release Year  2006
Length  18:57
Genre  Experimental Rock
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  Ref#  T-0105
Bitrate  ~288 Kbps
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    Track Listing:
      Sinister Militia  
      Sinister Militia (Tmj!!! Remix)  
      Islands (Soft Pink Truth Remix)  
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      This is really strange music and I'm left wondering where exactly to place it. there's a hint of the dance-rock-isms of Excepter in this band's post-punk energy and wilful distortion, but somehow it seems a bit more original than that, a little bit fresher and more unpredictable. There's something horrible about it, but in that wrongness it somehow makes perfect sense - and dropped in as part of the bargain are two dancefloor facing remixes from everyone's favourite Matmos man The Soft Pink Truth and TMJ!!!. One for the indie kids desperate to get their groove on - come on you know who you are!

      "Sinister Militia"
      5/31/2007 By Cam Lindsay

      This twelve-inch release by Brooklyn's Telepathe (Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais) on The Social Registry (out June 19) is a haunting piece of dance music: a chirpy siren's call, slippery and sinuous grooves, resonating guitar textures and a deep, booming beat that somehow maintains an indiscernible presence. B-sides include !!!'s Tyler Pope adding his band's familiar rhythmic twists and chiming guitars.
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