Giorgio Moroder
From Here To Eternity
Label ©  Casablanca
Release Year  1977
Length  30:39
Genre  Disco
Personal Star Rating [1-5]  
  Ref#  G-0089
Bitrate  192 Kbps
    Track Listing:
      From Here To Eternity  
      Faster Than The Speed Of Love  
      Lost Angeles  
      Utopia - Me Giorgio  
      From Here To Eternity (Reprise)  
      First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love  
      I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone  
      Too Hot To Handle  
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      Review by John Bush

      From Here to Eternity is Moroder's quasi-instrumental masterpiece, a continuous mix of banging Eurodisco complete with vocoder effects and this statement on the back cover: "Only electronic keyboards were used on this recording." The metallic beats, high-energy impact, and futuristic effects prove that Moroder was ahead of his time like few artists of the 1970s (Kraftwerk included), and the free-form songwriting on tracks like "Lost Angeles," "First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love," and the title track are priceless. [The 1985 quasi-compilation From Here to Eternity...And Back included most of the original album plus new tracks and a remix of the single "Chase."]

      Pitchfork Review:

      Italian-born producer Giorgio Moroder built Musicland Studio in Munich in 1969 and, with partner Pete Bellotte, proceeded to invent electronic dance music. Not only did he revolutionize the budding disco movement with his digitally powered "four-on-the-floor" bass drum pulse, but also more than any other 70s artist, he was responsible for contributing to the birth of house and techno. His productions for Donna Summer are perhaps his greatest achievements in the decade, but the apex of his solo work is 1977's From Here to Eternity . This brilliant record glides by with the ebb and flow of a modern DJ mix, sparkling with audiophile-precise sound and arguably the finest vocoder vocals in history. The entire first side of the original LP contains five songs morphed together into one mega-mixed suite of hedonistic minimalism; when he croons, "Baby gives sweet loving, leaves me meaning nothing," he intones the gospel for disco nymphs and club culture forever more. --Dominique Leone
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