Scout Niblett
This Fool Can Die Now
Label ©  Too Pure
Release Year  2007
Length  55:48
Genre  Singer / Songwriter
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  Ref#  S-0302
Bitrate  (various) Kbps
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    Track Listing:
      Do You Want To Be Buried With My People  
      Moon Lake  
      Let Thine Heart By Warmed  
      Your Last Chariot  
      Elizabeth (Black Hearted Queen)  
      River Of No Return  
      Baby Emma  
      Dinosaur Egg  
      Hide And Seek  
      Comfort You  
      Fishes And Honey  
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      Her fourth full-length is a body of fourteen songs that traverse a spectrum of charged emotions from yearning and grief to resignation and acceptance. Will Oldham contributes vocals on the record's four duets. Recorded by Steve Albini. "This deceptively spare opus has an unnerving habit of lulling listeners into sweet sonic submission before plunging in for the pitiless rock 'n' roll kill" - Bust Magazine. "...pure grunge explosions, with crashing drums and guitars engulfed in layers of feedback" - Philadelphia Enquirer.

      Album Review

      In a world swamped with pithy singer-songwriters, flogging the dead horse that is the love song, Scout Niblett is a breath of fresh air. Laced with sugar and lethal toxins, obviously. Like Cat Power's early material, 'This Fool Can Die Now' sits just the right side of the fence that divides individuality and musical accomplishment. Which isn't to say that she, or any of her accompanying musicians can't play / sing / whatever. The Concept is Queen, here, though, and usually manifests itself in an array of gripping and unusual lyrics. Well, 'unusual', if you want to sit her in a room with KT Tunstall or Kate Nash and do a contrast and compare exercise.

      There's a warmth and humour here that softens the blow of songs like 'Do You Wanna Be Buried With My People'. 'Dinosaur Egg', contains the lyric "Dinosaur Egg, when will you hatch? 'Cos I got a million people coming on Friday who expect to see a dinosaur, not an egg" which is so gorgeously absurd, I may go find an egg to sing it to.

      She yelps and howls, unreservedly, un-self-consciously: womanly and wild. Parallels drawn with Kurt Cobain are deserved, if a little unnerving. Entire songs riff around a single lyric and chord change, emotions are drawn out in the most simplistic of manners. 'This Fool Can Die Now' is a laidback and charming affair and the presence of the likes of Bonnie Prince Billy on vocal duties lift it from any potential doldrums it occasionally threatens to dwell in.

      Hayley Avron
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