A Mad & Faithful Telling
Label ©  Anti
Release Year  2008
Length  42:08
Genre  World Fusion
Personal Star Rating [1-5]  
  Ref#  D-0103
Bitrate  ~215 Kbps
    Track Listing:
      Basso Profundo  
      Along The Way  
      The Clockwise Witness  
      Head Honcho  
      Comrade Z  
      Blessing In Disguise  
      New World  
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      This four piece multi-instrumental outfit fuses Gypsy, Greek, Slavic, and Mariachi influences with American punk and folk roots. In 2006, they scored "Little Miss Sunshine", garnering four Academy Award nominations, and earned a Grammy nod for Best Soundtrack. Their stage set up is fortified by sousaphone, accordion, piano, violin, bouzouki, upright bass, percussion, trumpet, drums and Theremin. They've toured with similar maverick acts such as Calexico and Flogging Molly. The live experience includes trumpeters appearing out of the crowd, the band climbing offstage and playing in the center of the audience, and trapeze aerialists suspended from theater ceilings. This is the ANTI debut.

      Review by Andrew Leahey

      Like the stately, mature parents of Gogol Bordello, DeVotchKa have created a unique niche by mixing eastern and western traditions into the same pot. A Mad and Faithful Telling is their first release since the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack expanded their fan base tenfold, and it continues the group's unique cultural mishmash, sounding like a Morrissey-fronted Calexico playing norteo tunes in an Eastern European ballroom. It's a veritable circus of styles, none of which are normally associated with Colorado's musical climate. But that doesn't stop DeVotchKa from turning in a performance that is at once elegant and wildly passionate, with bandleader Nick Urata leading the pack like a half-drunken opera school dropout. His vocals are uniquely stunning, interlaced with bits of Spanish and brimming with vibrato. With help from his three bandmates and a five-piece string section, he turns even the most somber lyrics ("So this is the city? So this is progress? How can something so pretty become such a mess?") into the sort of sweeping serenades that inspire listeners to raise a wine glass, toast the stereo, and howl along. Elsewhere, the group flirts with spaghetti western music, turning songs like "Head Honcho" and "Undone" into potential candidates for the next Quentin Tarantino film. And lest anyone question DeVotchKa's chops, A Mad and Faithful Telling also includes two lively instrumental numbers: "Comrade Z," which blends mariachi horns with a gypsy-jig beat, and "Strizzalo," an Italian-styled waltz with accordion, tuba, and romantic violins. Bouncing from Mexico City to Prague to Milan to Denver over the course of ten songs, DeVotchKa's fourth full-length shows a band aging gracefully and eccentrically.
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