Beach House
Label ©  Bella Union
Release Year  2008
Length  44:05
Genre  Indie
Personal Star Rating [1-5]  
  Ref#  B-0220
Bitrate  ~203 Kbps
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    Track Listing:
      Wedding Bell  
      You Came to Me  
      Turtle Island  
      Holy Dances  
      All The Years  
      Heart of Chambers  
      Some Things Last A Long Time  
      Home Again  
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      The delicate, languid, minimalist pop of Baltimore duo Beach Houses Devotion is a glimmering dream. These love songs creep forward in bossa nova rhythms and even meters like they're chasing after a slowly receding tide. Victoria Legrand sings in a cave-echoed voice that bridges between a sort of one-room-over ethereality and a pungent melody, gliding over the mix (drums, piano, and organ, mostly) like a low-hanging cloud, stretching her words into near incomprehensibility. Her high, breathy peaks on "Turtle" are charmingly imperfect, while "Gila"'s slide guitar dances with her voice like a returned lover, hopelessly devoted.
      Reviewed by Michael Byrne January 28 2008

      I want the world to hear them, because they deserve this. For an artist, there is nothing more miserable than exhausted desire, you create something for someone and they don't even recognize. All those amazing underrated bands, records, and i thank to them everyday for creating such great music. They could sit and wait or sleep, and they didn't. That's why i I love art so much! Baltimore dream pop duo, Beach House appear with another awesome record and i lose my self-control. It is again simple and fullfilled with emotion. As you know, the self-titled Beach House was one of the most blogged records of the last year. Organs, percussion, and guitars echo around your listening place. Actually their tunes are pretty relaxing that you never count the songs to finish listening. It just plays. Victoria Legrand keeps her color of voice exactly same on every song, but she is impressive, i can give my word. I think she's a big fan of Nico who is one of the most important female names in rock music history. The openers Wedding Bell and Gila are the best cuts. As a whole, it's original and it keeps you dreamy on winter days.
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