2 Live Crew
As Nasty As They Wanna Be
Label ©  Luke
Release Year  1996
Length  1:19:32
Genre  Rap
Personal Star Rating [1-5]  
  Ref#  2-0003
Bitrate  ~204 Kbps
    Track Listing:
      Me So Horny  
      Put Her In The Buck  
      Dick Allmighty  
      C'mon Babe  
      Dirty Nursery Rhymes  
      Break It On Down  
      2 Live Blues  
      I Ain't Bullshitting'  
      Get Loose Now  
      The Fuck Shop  
      If You Believe In Having Sex  
      My Seven Bizzos  
      Get The Fuck Out Of My House  
      Reggea Joint  
      Fraternity Record  
      Bas Ass Bitch  
      Mega Mix III  
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      Review by David Jeffries

      2 Live Crew's infamous -- record store clerks were actually arrested for selling the album -- and double platinum -- a great example of how being banned can increase sales -- As Nasty As They Wanna Be may be more talked about than listened to, but it's actually a thoroughly entertaining effort and as solid a album as the trashy party rap genre could have hoped for. In the first moments a sampled voice asks, "What do we get for ten dollars?." In a sleazy slow tone that might make Ron Jeremy blush, a hooker answers, "Everything you want" as the album begins to deliver on this street corner promise with the legendary "Me So Horny" ("me love you long time"). With a sample of Full Metal Jacket's Vietnamese hooker, a cheap drum machine, a fat bassline, and a simple set of rhymes that are filled with every cuss word, innuendo, and misogynist, knuckle-dragging reference to women imaginable, "Me So Horny" is the reason 2 Live Crew should exist. Nothing they or their leader Luke (Luther) Campbell recorded afterwards sounded as lean, as hook filled, and so instantly grabbing as the single. From the inner city strip clubs to the headphones of teenagers in the suburbs, the track was a massive guilty pleasure, one that could also fill the dancefloor in a second. The album that follows repeats and repeats this cheap and silly porno formula and miraculously stretches it as far as it can go. Divided into four sides -- one for each member, the only reason anyone remembers their names -- Nasty keeps it rolling with tracks that capture "Horny"'s energy, ("Put Her in the Buck"), its cleverness ("Dirty Nursery Rhymes"), and a whole bunch that are just as hooky. "The F**k Shop" is the best example of the latter with its easy to grasp chorus and wicked use of a loop from Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love." Other smart samples like Kraftwerk for "Dick Almighty" and Jimi Hendrix for "My Seven Bizzos" keep the album alive, while interludes lifted from Andrew Dice Clay, Rudy Ray Moore, Eddie Murphy, and Richard Pryor give away its true inspirations. A couple amusing left turns -- the 12-bar "2 Live Blues" and the dancehall party "Reggae Joint" -- round out the album, and suddenly the full-length that doesn't seem like it could ever suffer an injustice gets sold short by history, at least when it comes to remembering what a grand porno achievement Luke and his crew created.
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