Various Artists
The Rough Guide To The Music Of Turkey
Label ©  World Music Network
Release Year  2003
Length  1:11:04
Genre  Ethnic
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  Ref#  V-0161
Bitrate  192 Kbps
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    Track Listing:
      Gungormemisler   - Sezen Aksu  
      Sen Allhin Bir Lutfusun   - Ebru Gundes  
      Padisah   - Sibel Can  
      Ben Tabii Ki   - Umit Sayin  
      Sultanim   - Levent Yuksel  
      Dile Kolay   - Ajda Pekkan  
      Haydi Kolkola   - Grup Yorum  
      Ciftelli   - Laco Tayfa & Husnu Senlendirici  
      Hijaz Raks   - Omar Faruk Tekbilek  
      Bendeki Yaralar   - Belkis Akkale  
      Arsima Seni (Arsima Icin)   - Birol Topaloglu  
      Yalvaris   - Barbaros Erkose Ensemble  
      Mavisim   - Kemani Cemal Cinarli  
      Seddiaraban Peshrev   - Kudsi Erguner Ensemble  
      Kemence Taksimi / Segah Niyaz Ilahisi   - Mevlana Kultur Ve Sanat Vakfy Sanatcylary  
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      Turkey is a land where Europe meets Asia, and where the music and culture are shaped by influences from virtually every direction. In the cities, discos, and record stores blast the latest pop hits from the likes of Ebru Gundes, while evocative belly-dance music is ready to captivate the innocent passerby. If you turn the corner, you might find a trendy saz club or religious music, or you might run into a Rom (Gypsy) neighborhood and its famous all-night musical taverns. This album provides an insight into the vast array of music within Turkey, encompassing some of the country's most talented and celebrated artists.

      eview by Chris Nickson

      There's been very little exploration of Turkish music in the West, and on the basis of this you have to hope there'll be a lot more in the future. This disc covers the waterfront, from the pop sounds of Sezen Aksu and Ebru Gundes to the tortuous (yet playful) time signatures of Laco Tayfa & Husnu Senlendirici and the brooding sound of the Barbaros Erkose Ensemble, with Erkose, one of the country's leading musicians and a stunning clarinetist, at the helm. It's a carefully sequenced disc, moving slowly from straightforward Turkish pop -- which is no copy of Western sounds -- through gypsy music to Sufi sounds. The pivotal point is the very political Grup Yorum, whose "Haydi Kolkola" is ready accessible, but has a distinct roots edge. And from there, it moves to a rawer sound, such as Kemani Cemal Cinarli's "Mavisim," with its remarkable solos on hammered dulcimer and violin. Truth to tell, there's not a bad track on here, and compiler Dan Rosenberg has done an excellent job of illustrating how the different styles of music in Turkey have influenced and bled into each other, and the way both the Middle East and Europe have shaped it. A fascinating journey through an underexposed culture.
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